History of the blog

A systematic summary of the blog was generated at August 2021, including a description of the relationship between meaningful content. After that, a book was written using latex. Online and pdf versions were available for download, and all historical links are available here. Requests are available on demand.


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Cybersecurity tools

Name Reference
Reversed engineering Ghidra
Hex editors Hexed.it
Cryptography Dcode.frcryptii.com
Steganography EXIF: Exiftool • Audio spectrogram: audacity • PNG file: zsteg -a xx.png • Check and extract files: binwalk -e xxx
Hash length extension Hashpump
SQL Injection • x' or ‘1’=‘1 • ‘ OR 1=1 – •SQLMap
Show binary strings xxx
Images Stegonline For LSB, use stegsolve.jar or choose 0 RGB channel then extract the ASCII text by stegonline.
OS Kali linux
Some collections for CTF More
CTF-Heaven https://github.com/thezakman/CTF-Heaven
CTF-playbook https://fareedfauzi.gitbook.io/ctf-playbook/steganography
Javascript online compiler https://www.programiz.com/javascript/online-compiler/
Javascript online formatter https://webformatter.com/javascript
Geojson http://geojson.io/#map=2.46/25.39/8