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The best OKR tool.

OKR has proven to be a source of innovation for many leading Internet companies, such as Google, but many have run OKR without any results. The reason is not OKR itself, but OKR in the implementation of the enterprise, more important is to cultivate the same corporate culture as Google, only to achieve mutual trust, not afraid of challenges atmosphere, it is possible to achieve the impossible goals. OKR is very good, and our pursuit is to explore how to develop employee habits through tools, to achieve a good cultural atmosphere, and thus let OKR’s methodology shine.

The cause of death of THE OKR

There are lots of reasons that OKR don’t work:

    1. The results of OKR are used in performance evaluation. OKR is not a weapon against employees, it is a goal to motivate and align people who work together, to increase transparency, to be more responsible in detail, to be more self-controlled.
    1. No failure security atmosphere and OKR begins. If everyone is worried that the goal is not being met and the bonus is not being awarded, the whole mechanism will fail.
    1. The atmosphere without trust and OKR begins. If everyone is worried about the result, do not believe the leader, do not believe in co-workers, OKR will fail.
    1. OKR begins without a feedback culture. OKR is from the bottom, they need to be feedback and strengthened by colleagues to get higher goals. This culture of feedback is not just simple comments and praise, but also direct challenges to the thing, as well as an understanding of how to give and accept criticism.
    1. The top level did not join. The top of a team must join in and take it seriously in order to get a real top-level goal, in exchange for everyone’s goal.
    1. Learning from Google at the very beginning. This is unrealistic because the tool is not yet fully familiar in the team, and setting a high goal for geting the 80% score is a blow to the members.
    1. The cycle is too long. Because the time is a quarter, the first time, three months have forgotten what the method is.

How do we consider?

OKR Import Tool: Help your business build its culture and get everyone ready for the next step. OKR situation in enterprises without import tools is common: with an OKR consulting team, from top to bottom training, through training to let everyone understand how OKR should be formulated, how to write, and so on. Such an operation is very easy to fall into the above 7 common reasons for failure. There are a large number of domestic teams in the implementation of OKR, whose team members lamented that OKR is a new tool of exploitation, are not understanding OKR subtle. Our OKR import tool based on the actual situation of scenario. It lets team owners experience the difference between having and no OKR, and fundamentally complete a team OKR culture preparation.

OKR Tools: A good OKR tool can let all OKR methodologies sneak into the enterprise. There are many OKR tools having lots of features, such as writing suggestions, KR dividing into initiative, and alignment views. Really useful OKR tools should have their own soul, that is, call to come, wave away, should not become a burden of work.